Owners Cherie and Bill Hubbard, Greater Raleigh/Durham, NC area

Call- 919-267-6107-(Landline) Between 9am-9pm EST

or call/text cell at- 631-813-9197

Send us an email: carolinabengalcats@gmail.com

Page updated 10/13/2022

We have 3 kittens available!

For a faster response please call or text my cell number.  631-813-9197

    Visit Carolina Bengals Cattery Facebook page to see more updates!! 


Available Kittens

 Prince Klondike- Sold

DOB- 7/26.  Ready to go home in 1-2 weeks.   Parents Double Vision X Abby Road.

This boy is beautiful, sweet and playful!  He will be brown with beautiful orange tones!


Litter M--DOB 9/17/2022

 Prince Mocha-Sold

This boy is a Snow Mink!  His colors will start to change into a beautiful lighter color very soon!  

He is so so sweet already!


Prince Maddox-Sold

This boy is a Seal Lynx Point (Snow).  He is the lightest of the snows and is the only Snow

that is guaranteed to have blue eyes!

Princess Mia-Available

This girl is the only brown kitten in this litter of 5.  We think that is pretty special!

 She will lighten nicely in the coming weeks and be just beautiful!

Princess Macie-Under evaluation for a potential keeper.

This girl is one of two of our very first Snow Mink litter we have ever produced!  

We will watch her for the next few weeks but anticipate keeping her!

Princess Maggie-Available

This girl is also a Snow Mink (next darker of the Snows).  We will watch both girls as potential

breeders but of course will not keep both.  


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