Owners Cherie and Bill Hubbard, Greater Raleigh/Durham, NC area

Call- 919-267-6107-(Landline) Between 9am-9pm EST

or call/text cell at- 631-813-9197

Send us an email: carolinabengalcats@gmail.com



Cheri, Aero is just perfect and beautiful. Everybody that sees him falls in love with him. He is well mannered, drinks water out of the sink and tries to open the drawer where his treats are kept. He is one smart fellow. I named him Aero as he sails through the air to get to the highest possible points in the house. He stands watch while we're gone. He talks a lot and plays fetch. Can't imagine my life without him. I am so thankful I found you and your amazing babies! - Donna and family!

Ms Luna Moon


Cherie Hubbard I cannot thank you enough for the gift that you've given me in this beautiful girl! There are breeders .... And then there are FAMILIES. I would just like to say, to anyone looking to Add a Loving Member to their Family, That Carolina Bengal is by far 'The Standard' in A breeding Program. All of their babies are in home, cared for and loved personally by the family, And you will be bringing home a member of your family not just a pet. -Jennifer F.

Archer and Lana

Archer  Lana

My wife and I adopted two beautiful Bengal kittens from Carolina Bengals Cattery. It was the best experience we've ever had with a Bengal breeder. 

Cherie and Bill are not your typical breeder. They have a beautiful home, are incredibly professional, and they love every single cat in their care. The entire family is involved in the care of their cats which means that your kitten comes home comfortable with both children and adults.  

Our kittens (Archer and Lana) are in perfect health. They are both playful, loving, and energetic (where do they get their energy!?). Cherie believes that kittens shouldn't go to their forever-home until they've learned "good manners". Neither of our kittens bite, scratch, or chew anything but their toys. Archer even knows how to give high-fives!  

Cherie sent us home with a ton of food, toys, detailed instructions, reading material and a hug. She continues to be a part of our lives... frequently checking in on the kittens and answering all of our questions. We're certain that Cherie and Bill will be long-term friends. If you are considering adopting a Bengal there is no better breeder than Carolina Bengals Cattery.---Bonnie and Reed


IMG 1615

Our little one as you can see has settled in. We are enjoying him to the max! He is so sweet. He sits on my lap most of the day and plays with his feet and tail. We just love him. - Amy S.

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