Owners Cherie and Bill Hubbard, Greater Raleigh/Durham, NC area

call/text our cell at- 631-813-9197 for more information or to plan a visit.

Send us an email: carolinabengalcats@gmail.com


Bengalux Summer Nights of Carolina Bengals


This is our first Silver girl!  She comes to us from Canada.  She is so pretty and elegant.  We love her large round eyes and whisker pads.


Candy Crush

Candy is a beautiful Mink Snow girl with gorgeous eyes!  We are excited to see her future babies!


  Mango Hypnotic TANGO of Carolina Bengals

IMG 0708  

Our gorgeous Silver girl Tango is Homogeneous.  This means she will produce all Silver kittens no matter who she is bred to! 


Carolina Bengals Harmony 

Harmony is our home grown girl.  She has a short pelt with tons of glitter, beautiful coloring,

puffy white whisker pads and a white belly! Best of all is her amazing personality!


  Carolina Bengals China Grove

 china grove

 China is another home grown girl.  As soon as I saw her I knew I had to keep her.  She has beautiful pancake rosettes, nice puffy whisker pads and round nocturnal green eyes!  This girl is our 4th generation keeper from one of our foundation girls.   




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